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Bicycle Repair Guide

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Bicycle Repair and Tune-Up, a complete, illustrated, online bicycle repair manual including wheel alignment, handlebar grips and tape, flat tire repair, derailleur and brake adjustment, and much more for mountain bikes, road bikes, BMX, and general bicycles. Simply click on your area of interest or you can read it all by clicking START HERE.

3 Things You Need To Know
Before You Buy Cycling Gear & Parts!

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Some General Information, A Quick Bicycle Repair Stand, & "Concerning  Roadside Bike Repairs"

Diagnosing Noises

Fixing a Flat Tire

Bike Wheel Removal

Working With Tires And Tubes

Installing A Front Wheel

Installing A Coaster Brake Wheel

Adjusting 3-Speed Wheels


Install Rear Wheel On Derailleur Equipped Bikes

Handlebar Grips & Tape

Building Wheels

Replacing A Rim

Derailleur Cable Replacement

Chain Repair

Painting Bicycles

Parts Interchangeability And Numerical Conversions

Spoke Lengths


Oxy-Acetylene Welding & Brazing

Reflection on Reflectors

20-Question Multiple-Choice Bike Repair Test

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Although I have attempted to cover the major safety issues, I cannot be responsible for your use of this information. Working on bicycles is dangerous if you do it without considering consequences of bolts left loose, known problems which are ignored, things which should be replaced but are glued instead, and so on. Proceed carefully at your own risk and use common sense. Jeff Napier, and all agents associated with this information, do not offer any guarantee or warranty for your use of this information.


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